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"I guess I was a little embarrassed about losing a couple of teeth. but Dr. Jim made me feel so comfortable. He developed a precision fit bridge that looks great.
Even my husband can't believe how good it looks. And he can be pretty skeptical."

As your teeth age, they have special needs. The brightness dims a little, your gums may recede (a sign of gum disease), the teeth may chip and wear, and yes, without proper care, you could even lose a few teeth.

Filling the Gap
Having a missing tooth not only has cosmetic and functional disadvantages, but it allows for tipping of the surrounding teeth and the collapse of the bite. Custom made bridgework can replace the look, feel, and function you lost along with the tooth.

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Dental implants can be used to replace single or multiple teeth with the advantage of not altering any neighboring teeth. They provide anchorage to the bone that is very similar to your natural roots. Implants can also be used to give dentures a stronger hold.

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Dentures that look and feel good
Poorly fitting dentures can cause problems with nutrition, digestion, and general well being. Older, worn down, stained dentures can take away from your youthful appearance. Let Dr. Jim put some zip back into your smile.

Tooth shape, color, and positioning are selected to match your complexion, facial shape, and more. Your input is valued and critical in this process. But looks aren't all, Dr. Jim takes the time to make the fit just right.



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